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Dashboard Menu Management - Modifiers

How to add or create new modifiers

Modifiers are a crucial aspect of menu customization that allows you to enhance and tailor your offerings according to your customer's preferences. This guide will walk you through the process of adding or creating new modifiers to your menu management system.

Steps to Add New Modifiers

1. Access Modifiers: Start by navigating to the Modifiers section within your menu management system.

2. Initiate Addition: Click on the + New Modifiers button to begin the process of creating a new modifier.

3. Enter Details: Fill in the necessary information for the new modifier, ensuring accuracy and clarity.

Fields and Descriptions:

Modifier Name: Provide a clear and concise name for the modifier. For example, you might have modifiers like "Ranch," "Vinaigrette," or "Caesar."

Modifier Group Name: Specify the name of the modifier group to which the new modifier belongs. This helps in organizing and categorizing your modifiers, such as grouping them under "Salad Dressing."

Can this modifier be served? (KDS responsive): Check this option if the modifier can be served, and its status can be tracked through a Kitchen Display System (KDS). For instance, if a burger comes with side choices like fries and onion rings, this option might be checked to indicate that these sides can be prepared in advance.

Does this modifier have options? Indicate whether the modifier has various options associated with it. If the answer is "Yes," you'll need to select at least one option in the next steps.

Can the customer choose multiple options? If customers can select more than one available modifier option, choose "Yes" here.

Number of options to choose:Specify the number of options a customer can choose for this modifier.

Option Details: Under the Option Name field, enter the name of the modifier option. Include the corresponding option price as well. You can use the Edit icon to modify the option name and price if needed, and the Delete icon to remove an option.

5. Save Changes: Once you've provided all the necessary details for the new modifier and its options, click the save button to save your changes.

By following these steps, you'll be able to successfully add or create new modifiers to your menu, offering customers a more personalized dining experience.

Updated on: 11/17/2023

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