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Dashboard Menu Management - Products

How to add or create a new product

Select Products in the menu management section.
Tap “+ New Products”
Enter the required information and tap Save

Product ImageAdd a product image
Product ColorSelect a product color
Menu name*Enter the menu name where the products will be assigned
Display nameEnter the product name that you want to display on the menu, you can name the same as the product name based on how you want to reflect
Printer nameEnter a product name that will be shown on the printers/kitchen printers. It can be the same as the product name or can create a custom product name
Assigned printerSelect a printer / assign a printer where you want the product to be routed
CategorySelect the sub-category where the product will be assigned
Product DescriptionEnter a product description to be displayed on all platforms
ActiveThe active button will set the product to be active at the point of sale. You can toggle it off to hide the product
86 this product?If 86 this product is enabled, it will make the product temporarily unavailable to the point of sale
Product VariationThe product variation will enable inventory tracking and enable you to add variant details
IngredientsSelect the ingredients assigned to the product
ModifiersSelect the modifier group and modifiers associated with the products


Varian NameSKU*Inventory*Threshold*Price*
Enter a variant name that describes the product selectionEnter a numeric code associated with the variant nameSet a number for the product inventorySet a number for the product inventory thresholdEnter the product price

You can also add multiple products by importing the menu items created using the menu Excel template.

a. To add products in bulk, tap the 3-dot icon next to the New Product button.
b. Import the file from your saved location and tap the Upload button.
c. If managing multiple locations, select the applicable location to apply the menu.
d. Tap Done to save the menu.

Updated on: 11/17/2023

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