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Welcome to the comprehensive sales dashboard! Within this powerful tool, you'll find multiple sections that provide in-depth insights into your restaurant's sales transactions, orders, cash drawer activities, deposits, taxes, service charges, discounts, and customer feedback. With the ability to select specific report ranges, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your restaurant's performance and make informed decisions to drive success.

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Available Sales Report
Filter Options

Navigating to Sales:

On the eatOS dashboard, select “Sales”

Available Sales Report

Transaction - Transactions refer to all orders completed with payment. You can view transaction reports along with discounts, taxes, surcharges, and TIPS provided by customers.

Orders - the orders tab will show all open and closed orders from your Point-of-Sale being saved, fire to the kitchen, and charge. The page can show you a report for order type, status and order, and time.

Cash Drawers - show your restaurant cash drawers activities such as pay-in, payout, and payout reason as well as will be able to show your day opening balance and closing balance.

Deposit - shows the amount deposited in a bank.

Service Charge - is an added payment to a transaction that can be percentage-based, or a given fixed amount applied to orders.

Discounts - View total discounts tendered by employees or simply view a summary of discounts tendered on the transaction and orders report.

Feedback - guest feedback report shows your guest experiences in real-time.

Filter Options

Date Range – Sort the orders report by range. You can view orders for today, yesterday, the last 7 days, the last 30 days, this month, last month, or choose a custom range to view specific orders.

Day Part – Set the start and end times to view orders within a specific timeframe.

Payment Methods – Choose from the dropdown menu the payment method to view specific payments.

Employees – To view transactions made by a specific employee, select "All Employees" and then choose the desired employee to display their transactions.

Order Status – Choose to view transactions based on their order sell statuses.

Payment Status - Filter the report by payment status.

Card - Filter the report by card type.

Card Type - Filter the report by card type.

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Updated on: 05/23/2024

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