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How To Set Up Online Ordering Storefront Settings

How To Set Up Online Ordering Storefront Settings

Navigate to the online ordering section and choose the "Storefront Settings" option.

The storefront settings enable you to configure the order type settings.

GENERAL - allows you to quickly enable or disable the order types accepted and set the preferred order prep time.

Accept Order Type* - Enabling the options will enable the order types. Toggle on the order type to be accepted by your restaurant - Dine-In, Pickup, Delivery, and Curbside.

Order Prep Time - set the required preparation time.

Receiving Orders

Send Orders to QSR - if applicable, enable the merchant at the point-of-sale location settings
Fire directly to Kitchen - Online orders will be seamlessly transmitted directly to the kitchen display system.

Revenue Center

Revenue Center for Online Orders - note that before assigning a revenue center, it is best to first create a revenue center dedicated to online ordering alone to manage your restaurant report respectively

See the revenue center article for reference

Assign Transaction to Employee - enables you to assign a specific employee to oversee and manage your online storefront operations.

Notification to Customers

When Order is Ready - if enabled, guests can receive a notification when their order is ready, provided that it is enabled.
When Order is Cancelled by the Restaurant - you gain the ability to promptly send an order cancellation notification to the customer.
When Order is Accepted - if enabled, will automatically send a notification to the customer when their order is accepted.

Embedded Button

This feature allows you to integrate your online store into your website. Paste the code to embed the content into your website.
You can generate a custom or predesigned embedded code before copying the code to your website.

Updated on: 11/03/2023

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